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Ultimate Party Run (Illumi Run 2013)

by fiefriday on 8 December 2013, 04:09 PM

FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER ! *put yo hands in the airrrrr~*

What better way to celebrate then to run a marathon ;) ?

No, seriously. 

If you missed the Illumi Run 2013, make sure you sign yourself up for Illumi Run 2014, because my Saturday was amazeballs D; No 
amount of adjectives, nouns and verbs could describe how much fun I had while running 5k around the F1 Pit Building yesterday.

Illumi Run is the first of it's kind in Asia, the ultimate party run. It's the kind of run where you race and get sprayed with neon glow water 
and dance while you're at it to the amazing music that you get to here around the run zones! Not only that, after an awesome run, we got to immerse 
ourselves in the after-party with cute Djs spinning awesome tunes and getting sprayed with more glow water! :D

Managed to drag a classmate of mine to run this 5k with me, and it turns out it was her first ever run! 
(Photos credited to: SingaSports @ SingaSports

It looks like a live club/some beach party thing instead of a marathon, honestly. 

So, of course, with every race or run, there will definitely be a race pack. For Illumi Run 2013, they had:

(Credits to: http://desireediangson.blogspot.sg/2013/12/illumi-run.html)

1. A pair of really really luminous goggles; pink, orange, green, blue in neon colours
2. An LED wrist band, in the exact same neon colours (They flash/light up depending on what setting you put them on!)
3. Your number tag with your details
4. Your Illumi Run shirt to get paint splattered of course!
5. A neon green tag for your alcohol/drinks after a damn good run! 

What makes it extra special is that the run is timed at night! The flag off time was at 8pm, and me and my +1 were there at close to 7.30! 
It was so crowded, and the Dj was already hyping up the atmosphere with some great tunes!

This was us, clean, before the whole race began! Went to place our bags at the baggage queue, and yes, they provided ziplock bags for our wonderful phones so that
they wouldn't be the victim of the neon water :D In addition to that, there were LIGHTSTICKS. I am a mad fan of lightsticks.....

They let us go in batches, so that all of us would get splashed equally I guess! We were quite thankful that we were somewhere in the front to middle of the queue,
and we didn't have to wait very long for them to flag us off! 


We were entertained by wonderful music, while we were waiting, and sprayed with water guns too! The motivators threw large glow sticks/clappers 
to the crowd while we were waiting, I didn't get one though :(

Surprisingly, it was a huge change from running in the morning. (Besides it being reallllly dark) It was harder for my eyes to work
it's way around, but thank goodness for my ears. LOL.

Anddddd we walked straight into the spray zone!

Thank goodness for the goggles, we literally got sprayed EVERYWHERE. And it was only our first stop!
While running, there were neon coloured balls everywhere, and I mean, of course we took another picture :D

Remember what my shirt looks like now, and then wait for the aftermath later ;)

I just wanted to get covered in neon glow water, so I literally stood in front of the person spraying the neon water at us HAHAHAHA.

There were blue lights along the way, and we stopped to take a glow-ed picture of us! :)

Almost ending :( The run was relatively short, too short I think :(

Nearer to the ending, we had to go through this awesome tunnel, where they had like light projectors and stuff.
I didn't manage to take a better picture of it though.


And then, we were done :( 




And everyone else's of course! 

The after-party kicked off with the UrbanDrumz Crew! They made music beating on drums and coloured water would splash out D:
So apt for the event!

We literally "clubbed" with the tunes according to Tinc, all the way till it was almost time for curfew, at 11pm! 

Managed to grab a picture with this dude with the cool mask too! 

Collected our bags from the baggage counter, and all we wanted after the whole event was a massage for our feet, and 100plus. 
Bumped into a few of my other friends there too! It seemed like everyone was out for a party that night :D

Pictures are thanks to him, and his crew from Singasports ! :D Oh, and thank you for the 100 Plus too! 
(Yes, i hope you see the colour of my shirt now)

And with aching feet, we walked to the train station not caring whether people judged us for our neon shirts, orange hair, orange face.

Yep, I was completely soaked through in orange neon from the afterparty! 
You can clearly see the difference in colour in our shirts HAHAHAHAHA. I'm OBVIOUSLY the cleanest ;)

Went home, sticky, but the best part was, everyone avoided me on the train HAHAHA yay.
Illumi Run was the best way to end finals and begin holidays, with a huge BANG.

You can compare my shirt colour now. Tie-dye is the in thing ;)

And thank you to my wonderful classmate for joining me on this insane journey and getting down and dirty with me! 
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself :)

And for more photos as well as health tips & tricks, don't forget to visit:

SingaSports at their:


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Omorfia - SIM UB Pageant 2013 (Part II)

by fiefriday on 27 November 2013, 10:30 PM

(read part 1, because well, spoiler alert!)

Photos © Lim Yong Teck

Arriving at Zouk at 10-ish was insane. Carrying logistics all the way from school in frumpy slippers and a casual tee was insane. Dry runs, practices with the emcees, organizing the makeup artist and final goodie bag packing + cutting of voting slips.... The chaos seemed to be never ending. Besides games and so on, there were special performances by our own Voices of UB and the amazing dance crew, Limited Edition. While they were rehearsing, I was trying to keep myself awake by drinking alot of lattes... and holding my pee in...

We finally managed to head back to the hotel room to change and shower and get ready before we hosted our sponsors when the doors opened at 6. While the sponsorship team and a few others were outside awaiting the sponsors, Voices of UB opened the event for us.

(My team outside!)

(One of the emcees)

(Our judges x Senior Manhunt Gilbert Tang, Miss Universe 2012 Lynn Tan, Former mr and ms UB Marcus Goh and Rachel Fang, Music Clinic Representative, Gina Lin)

After the ushering of our sponsors in, and the emcees introducing the sponsors and judges, it was time for our first walk! The casual walk featuring Nookmag x Lee Cooper!



The walk was followed up with the Q & A section! It was a short one though!

And of course, we cannot forget the wonderful pageant x backstage crew!

There were also sponsored games by Loserkids SG and Wavehouse Sentosa! We had so many sporting people in our crowd, it was a laugh!

Loserkids SG sponsored the wonderful Macbeth tshirts for each of our game contestants! The game was to dance insanely with every change of music!

I can safely say that my previous UB Council Exco member did preeeeetttyyyy well ;) 

The most anticipated walk of the night was definitely the beach walk. Generously sponsored by Funfit, and with the positions of Mr and Ms Funfit up for grabs, the contestants gave it their all!

The themewalk was my favourite walk of all. They were gorgeous and hunky in their costumes, and they were all soooo into character.


(Farhanah looked like a water goddess omg)


And then while the contestants changed out of their beautiful costumes, it was time for another game! This time, sponsored by Wavehouse Sentosa!

Which was then followed up by the 'Best Dressed Audience' Contest before it was time for the formal walk. The gowns sponsored by 'Loef' or Lilies on e Field, were so so lovely on the girls. Plus all of them got to keep them too!






And finally they had their last walk, together.



My wonderful gorgeous babies, all grown up :')

While the judges deliberated on the winners for each category; Mr and Ms Funfit, Mr and Ms Nookmag and Mr and Ms SIM-UB 2013, Limited Edition gave us a blast of a performance. THEY WERE AMAZING.

Finally, it was the moment of truth. I was feeling all jittery, and all nervous for my pageant babies. I really was. 

Mr and Ms Funfit was announced and......



Mr & Ms Individual (by Nookmag) was awarded to...



And then the runner-ups....


Congratulations again to Mark , and Alyssa for being crowned 2nd runner-ups for Mr and Ms SIM-UB 2013!

And then for 1st runner-up... CONGRATS ANDY AND VALERIE. 


Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for...

Mr & Ms SIM-UB 2013 is....LINUS AND... YILIN !!



The votes were so close together, I was pretty sad that not everyone won. But I was still proud of each and every one of them. 


Look at their happy faces!:) I'm so proud of all of them, no words can describe....

Pageant was an amazing experience. Definitely there were ups and downs, but overall, it was worth it. I made new friends, tightened old friendships, and I never thought I'd say this, but some stress is good stress. HAHAHAHA.

Till the next event! I'm Fie, your SIM-UB Campus Correspondent, signing off ;)

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UB Pageant 2013 "Omorfia"

by fiefriday on 27 November 2013, 09:48 PM

Hellllloooo not so updated campus blog! I.am.back. for a whole new update on the activities ongoing through my entire UB Fall semester.

Previously I did mention that the SIM-UB Pageant was upcoming, and yes, I was in the midst of the entire events team (in the sponsorship's team), planning to an insane extent. Yes, that mean't late nights, weekends camped behind the laptop constantly emailing potential sponsors, photoshoots, prop making etcetera etcetera. YES in short! I WAS SWAMPED, on top of the amount of project works and presentations that I had...... 

Goodness, my eyebags could fit like 10000000000 grains of rice or something...

So, of course, like all pageants, there is the normal task of scouting, the interviews and so on and so forth. The best part was definitely the pageant trainings! I wasn't around for the earlier trainings, especially with my own job of emailing potential sponsors, but I did come in for quite a number of trainings after a majority of the jobs were done in my sponsorship team (and if my IC needed me to go!). Officially, I divided my post into 3 aspects? Specifically, THE BONDING, THE BEHIND THE SCENES, JUDGEMENT DAY. 

I knew quite a few of the contestants, not really really well? But I did know them. And of course when I came down, I got to bond with the other contestants better :) Here are some behind the scenes/bonding pictures of us during pageant training number 12o8378237 :B 

(Me with the pageant team, and contestants Linus, Andy and Mark)

(Me with Mark, Yilin, Andy, Najeer and Sarah)

Our first shoot was with sponsors Nookmag x Lee Cooper for the casualwear, and there were alot of issues there, but we managed to have fun with it! Yes, we photoboothed. LIKE CRAZY. And we even did our own pageant harlem shake video to cheer us all up HAHAHA.

(Me and the gorgeous F5, Valerie)

Of course, the wonderful pageant team/pageant "nannies" and my very very veryyyyy awesome friends from Summer'13! 

And the guys just doing their thing.... We have  Linus, the mafia, Amir, the matrep with the guitar and Mark the bboy. LOL.

Of course, we had the fittings for themewear and everything which I am so sorry I can't show you pictures of, but I was there for the photoshoots for Funfit (our generous swimwear sponsor) and the themewear shoot by Awesome Costumes :>

There was a greek-roman theme to our pageant this year, and so the contestants F1 to F5 and M1 to M5 were categorized according to elements.
F1 and M1 was Light, and they're in white and gold (above), F2 and M2 was Earth, portrayed in the middle in brown and green, F3 and M3 was water, of course in gorgeous shades of blue, F4 and M4 was fire (in red, duh!) and finally F5 and M5 was darkness, all in black and looking sexy.


F1 and M1, Mark and Yilin - Light

F2 and M2 - Amir and Alyssa, Team Double A! - Earth

F3 and M3 - Linus and Farhanah - Water

F4 and M4 - Najeer and Sarah - Fire

F5 and M5 - Valerie and Andy - Darkness

Their costumes as mentioned were generously sponsored, and our sponsor AwesomeCostumes did a wonderful job! 

The themewear shoot was done after the Funfit shoot, and here were the pictures. *cues nelly's hot in here song....* Funfit had an online voting or "facebook liking" system, where the public could like their favourites, and the votes would count into the overall score. There was also a Mr and Ms Funfit category to be won!

Aren't they just gorgeous :3 I'm such a proud mama!! :>

Well, since it's such an image heavy post, I obviously have to cut it down somewhere. These were all the prep work that went into our final event.

....which.. i unfortunately have to blog about in another upcoming post.. teehee..



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by fiefriday on 8 November 2013, 08:04 PM

It has been completely insane for me this entire month! Back-to-back tests, project submissions, presentations. 

I literally crashed, burned and died yesterday. I was so frustrated, I had this heated discussion with friends in a cab on the way home. Guess I scared the cab driver quite abit, since he drove so fast, I thought I was in Harry Potter's magic bus or something.

With all the stress I'm going through, I let loose by going into my "second realm"? Since I bake for a living, sort off, I've been crazy packed with orders after orders of cupcakes, cakes, birthday surprises... You name it, I've probably done it. At least, it's another way to relax and disappear from the pressures of school and council.

Be prepared for some food porn ;)

Photo: Surprised @ultimateyecandy with a whole box of cupcakes today ^_^ so glad you like them! And thank you so much for the koi! <3 picture credits to: @ultimateyecandy ☺️

Surprised an old friend of mine with the cupcakes for her birthday earlier on, and got a surprise right back from her :> She bought me a largeeee cup of koi :') Kinda made my week so much better. I'm so thankful for the amout of emotional support I've been getting from everyone. I guess I have to bounce back even stronger now!

On a side note though, I'm off to Starbucks for an intense mugging session + SIM-UB Bash/Pageant 2013 is two weeks away!!!! Can't wait. :D

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Out of school hours

by fiefriday on 3 October 2013, 12:30 AM

Was watching a couple of Youtubers complete their crazy youtube challenges, and I suddenly remembered how I did one of my own quite a while back as well! 


It was an impromptu, insane decision that me and my group mates had. We had to do some observations for our group project and research paper,
so we decided that since we were going to the beach and having a picnic all at the same time, why not make it less boring?

The soda challenge is about being blindfolded and guessing what drink you're drinking at the point of time. Pretty simple! But it's more challenging
than it sounds!

We went to Giant at Vivocity, and got all our sodas - Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Pepsi, Pepsi twist, Root beer, Sprite and 100 Plus. After 
completing our project observation, we did the challenge in pairs! I went first, with Jana, my other classmate!

We were blindfolded, and my other two friends poured the drinks and wrote the names of the drinks on to the cups so they could tell whether we had
guessed the drinks right! Here's the video to our attempt at the challenge!

Part 1 ! 
It certainly was not as easy as it seemed! The drinks had a difference between them, but to guess the difference between the cokes and the coke and pepsi, was
really tricky! My tastebuds went into overdrive!

Overall though, it made our project outing a little more fun. Who says you can't have fun while doing work?

Try to challenge yourself! Y-O-L-O ! :D

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Weekend Winddown! with SAFRA

by fiefriday on 2 October 2013, 02:02 PM

SAFRA MOBILE SNAPATHON kept me busy last weekend! Together, me and my friends ran around 5 checkpoints (Central @ Clarke Quay + 5 museums around SG) to photograph and unleash our creativity! It wasn't your typical amazing race, but it was definitely, an amazing experience!

We got to Central @ Clarke Quay early to grab our event tshirts after which we had time to roam around the surrounding booths, since our briefing was at 9.30am! There were several booths - Pixaroll, one by the SAFRA Photography Club and another by Nakamichi electronics! Each participant was entitled to 3 free photograph prints at Pixaroll's booth, so you can guess what we were doing of course! Queueing up to print our photographs like kiasu Singaporeans!

Aren't they pretty? :O

The other booths included:

(SAFRA Photography Club)

(Nakamichi Electronics)

We headed outside for our briefing after that, leaving the comfort of the air-conditioned mall behind.

The organizers briefed us on the different rules of the event. There were two categories - team and individual, and different criteria's for both. For team categories, each team has to submit only one picture that encompassed the theme at each checkpoint. As for individuals, even if we were all going around together as a group, we had to submit an individual photo each. Before leaving for the first checkpoint, all of us were required to use the QR Code Scanner (that you can download from the App store) and scan the banner situated outside the Central to register ourselves! This was the case for each checkpoint as well. To find out the theme, we were to scan the QR code on each banner before diving into our challenge.

(Our briefing being held outside the Central)

(Look at the turnout!)

(Our excited faces before the start of the race! Excuse all the 10-pound eyebags...)

After the short briefing, we were off to our first checkpoint at the Asian Civilisation's Museum, a short walk away from Clarke Quay.

Checkpoint 1's theme was "Devotion and desire" !

Some of the creativeness :

And.. some of the commitment!

We had a time limit at each of these stations, to actually take and submit only one picture to the web link that we had through our phones! People were literally on their knees in the middle of the museum exhibits trying to get their perfect picture.

Within the assigned time, if we were not able to upload those pictures on the web link, our pictures wouldn't be counted.

After we were done at the first checkpoint, we made our way to the Peranakan Museum, which was our second!

Let's start scanning! Our theme here was "12 Days of Weddings!"

Throughout the entire SNAPATHON, we also had our own cheerleaders! There were volunteers with clappers always motivating us and cheering us on :) Plus they were also helpful if we had any questions to ask.

The challenge at the Peranakan Museum was quite hard, and it got alot of us stressed out. Most of the exhibits were showcasing different aspects of weddings, and there was no way we could incorporate all of those to symbolize 12 days of wedding preparations, so we improvised. We used, each other. 

And after all that stress, of course we had to go outside and take a chill pill. We hung out with some "new friends" !


And after picking his nose, we headed to the National Museum of Singapore for our third challenge and checkpoint!

was our theme, and there were so many things to photograph there. I saw people pretending to be asleep on a pile of newspapers on the floor in the middle of the museum, others, heading straight for the souvenir shop where there was signs that said "CHOPE" or "RESERVED" and of course, "SALE". Because all that is typically, Singaporean.

I on the other hand, chased after the Singapore flag.

I couldn't get it uploaded though because there were errors in loading the picture on the web link :(

It was hot, and we were all sweaty and contemplating getting a bite at Food For Thought, but we PERSEVERED. By persevering I mean, we took the bus to our next checkpoint which was Fish & Co, at Somerset 313. NO MORE WALKING FOR US!

This was my favourite place to shoot, because of all the wacky ideas all the participants came up with! Our theme was "Reeling in the fish" and this were some of the crazy things that everyone was doing:

(Me taking a grumpy/hungry shot of my friend about to devour a whole school of fish!)

*SPOILER ALERT* (This was the winner for the category!)

Hey, it couldn't have gotten crazier than that! I bet the diners were having a good lunch-tertainment!

Our final checkpoint was back at Central, Clarke Quay. The theme was "Riverfront Dining, Riverfront Shopping".

And we were all hungry by then, which explains....


We went back to the comfort of the Central, and we were entertained by the DJ/emcee asking us trivia questions and handing out goodie bags as prizes. 

Plus, all the photos we painstakingly took we were able to view on huge flatscreens all around the stage area!

The judges shortlisted certain photographs, and we awaited the results which were released at 3PM.

(The judges judging HAHA)

Shortlisting..... and announcing... 

The winners received a huge hamper of Nivea products, and of course a prize cash each regardless of team or individual category!

Neither of my friends and I won anything, however, we did gain a whole lot of insight into the creative mindset of the participants of the event! It was definitely a whole new experience and I was glad I was able to be a part of it. 

Being a part of this SNAPATHON was definitely a great way to end my weekend.

Till more upcoming events,

x Fie
Picture Credits to SAFRA Youth Network , Retrieved from (http://facebook.com/SYNCsg)

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The Last Hunger Games.

by fiefriday on 28 August 2013, 08:00 PM


And yes, hello again from UB ;)

I am back this Fall semester to bring you guys up to speed on the stuff I took part in during our summer holidays! (lack of summer holidays i mean)
So, before the Summer semester ended, applications opened up for those who were interested in becoming OGL's (orientation group leaders) for the
Fall semester. Fall is UB's largest intake of course, and the organizing committee and Student Council need the manpower, hence the crazy advertising
for OGL's! The theme this semester was , "The Last Hunger Games - Rebels vs Patriots".

Me and a couple of others (then freshies now seniors hehehe) from the summer intake applied together, and we were given our interview dates and timings
according to when we were available. And then the interview process begun~

I can't very well let on what happens during the interview of course, in case some of you Fall freshman are lurking around for tips and tricks to smuggle yourselves
into Spring FOC.... 

But, one thing I strongly believe in is, never expect to be handed the title of OGL, instead, walk into the interview room with an open mind and accept whatever may come at you. :)

Interviews might seem like a piece of cake, but clearly, it is not as easy as it seems. 

After the long awaited anticipation from the interview days, and the countless amount of times you check your email inboxes for any news at all that you've been accepted into
the FOC, you finally see the Subject header that you've been wanting to see for what seems like a long while. 

And then you start screaming. Well, at least I did. 

That was the exciting part. But after the exciting part, comes the workload. 

Being an OGL is not all about fun and games. It consists of hard work and dedication, and alot of sacrifices. 

First was the facilitators briefing, which we all went for. Had some introduction games, and some get-to-know each other sort of thing. Followed by alot of admin stuff. Calling freshman, asking them their details and confirming all their dietary restrictions, camp attendance. The fun part was when the dry runs began. ;) Expect a blast, pretend you're a freshman all over again, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Get down and dirty is what dry runs are all about! We went through all the games, tested some, gave our feedback, and got to know more about each other through our bonding session that included lots of pizza, and a crazy game of charades. NOT FORGETTING BEER PONG, in this case no beer involved but there was weird concoctions, AND RUNNING MAN. 

(Human caterpillar)

(Flip the mat)

Yeah this is camp bonding at a whole new level!

Packing day is when we get organized, and get everything ready for the actual day. It was a stay-in-school till late day, and I remember I didn't sleep AT ALL the day before camp. God knows how I survived, but I guess I was pretty much running on adrenaline. 

CAMP DAY WAS INSANELY BUSY. But that doesn't mean we didn't take pictures.....

... As you can guess by now, I'm from the Rebels side.. ;)

The Patriots practising their mass dance in the room while the freshmen are having their briefings.

(The majority of us OGLs, and of course one of our House managers' Colin!)

Camp was held at the Sembawang Camp Challenge after lunch and it was a 2D1N affair. We had all sorts of games and cheer competitions to get into the swing of things.
At the end of two days, the house with the most points would win overall.

Rebels OGLs CHEER101. 
This was before our amazing race on the second day. Our amazing race was held at Sembawang Park, and it had the craziest stations........ I mean, Harlem Shake was one of them.
It was crazyyyyyyyy. I might sneak in a video or two.......

(one of the stations in the amazing race)

Part of the finale was to build a structure, and have as many waterbombs as possible to aim at the Patriot's structure and vice versa so as to knock it down. You could collect
coupons from any of the GMS (game masters) during the amazing race and it could be labeled 'more cardboard' or '10 waterbombs' or something in addition to what you already have. So this was half of the Rebels building the structure, and the rest were using whatever body of water they could to fill plastic bags to make waterbombs. AND I MEAN EVERY BODY OF WATER.

Look at them clustered around the water coolers?! There were more near the fire hose too! And in the toilet! See what I mean?!
And we used our shirts, plastic bags, tote bags anything we could to make transporting the water bombs faster LOL. My shirt went from an L to an XL in seconds!

Our Primes aka our Game Masters and in-charges :)

Overall, after all the water bombing, and cheering and everything, the Patriots won the best overall house this Fall, and each house had the best OG. For Rebels, 
I was proud and really surprised to say, I and my partner Yiling, together with our freshies managed to get best OG :') For a first timer, I was proud of myself, and of 
course really proud of my freshmen for doing an amazing job.

Congratulations to my OG, OG14 for such a good job!! 

To all future UB students, and anyone who is now interested in joining future FOC's as OGL's, you are very welcome!!! Try this out at least once, if not, UB life will 
not be complete! 

Don't miss out!!!

From behind the scenes at UB,

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Hello Holidays! (and random thoughts)

by fiefriday on 1 August 2013, 04:26 PM

I'm counting down the hour that I have left of the Summer semester in UB. Last lesson of the semester, and all us communication
students are getting down to some serious mugging sessions over the weekend.

Yup, despite it being "holiday" season, we have our first Final exam on Monday :(
That gives us all three days to do some crazy miracle revision, and two days for those who start their "holidays" 

At least we'll get it all over and done with within our first week of holidays instead of it dragging till the end of the holidays.

*trying to think positive* (and keep myself awake)

Summer has been amazing. Although Summer ends in a little over an hour, it has been a hectic two months in school.
Hectic two weeks full of quizzes, mid-terms, tests, presentations and lots and lots of essays. 
It definitely has been a crazy few months up to today, but heyyyy, Y-O-L-O !!


Fall starts in 4 weeks, and we may or may not be with the same people we knew during orientation, or not see
a few of our closest friends in school. The idea is to make plans with them over the holidays so that we'd be able to maintain
our close relationship ties despite the difference in major or classes and electives.

It sounds a little sad, but I guess university life is all about meeting new people, exchanging your thoughts and feelings with 
other people around you and to increase your social circle. 

And one example is of how I managed to make it into the women's soccer team. :) Training was yesterday, and
I finally met new people who were not from UB! Technically I was the only new player from UB, and the only other person from
UB is the vice-captain. Everyone else is from the same course in RMIT o_o

But when I started talking to them, I felt like I knew them since forever. 

Besides that, notes, textbooks and coffee (alot of it) will be our best friends, our other halves over the weekend.
Yup, some crazy revision is going down~

Despite having tests and quizzes every week for UB, and the weightage of the final exam isn't as high as 50 or 60 percent,
it means that it should be easier for us to score since we do "constant revision" !

Sigh, the pressure.

Well, till finals are over, and holidays really commence,
I bid you guys Adieu.

From behind the screen of UB Campus,

- Fie

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Fall's coming! Hold your wallets!

by fiefriday on 14 July 2013, 09:45 PM

Fall semester is just around the corner and just like all other Semesters, it's time to save lots of money for all your books and school stuff!

As all UB students know, the textbooks for all students are crazy expensive! Of course, we don't have to spend majority of our allowances
on the textbooks that we need if we know the cheat codes. Hence, here you go, cheat codes for easy-on-your-pocket school living.

Like I learnt when I first started my Summer semester in UB, the booklist shows you killer prices for the various books that you
need for your modules. I mean, this semester, my communications books cost up to $180! Just for one book! That's a third of
my allowance :O

Thankfully, I've learnt how to get brand new books at less than a fraction of the price! 

Here's the secret!

We have various Facebook groups where everyone can get their books at a much cheaper price!!


These are the three facebook groups that UB students usually buy or sell their textbooks! All you have to do is
request to be added into the various groups, and wait for the Admin to add you in!

Then post your advertisements up!

Advertisements usually look like this:

WTB (willing to buy) or WTS (willing to sell) : 

(Module number/name) : (Book title), (Book edition) 

For example: 


ESL407: Longman Writer (6th Edition) 

and you just wait for people to notify you via facebook message! Others will leave WTS advertisements and you can
either drop them a personal message or comment on their facebook post if you're interested in getting any of their books,
or have any of the books that they are looking for!

It's as easy as that! Try to get as much value as you can out of the books that you intend to buy!
For me, I don't feel like buying an original SOC293 book is worth it because I'm only taking this module this semester, and I'm not
majoring in it! Therefore I'd rather invest in original (or better condition) books related to my modules and my major!

Another way to get books at reasonably low prices would be to head down to the book sale that is held every semester at the UB Council Room.
Each book is usually categorized according to the condition of the book! 

The better the condition of the book, the higher the price will be! 

But note that the queues will be craaaazy! So go earlier to fight for your book!


1. The best thing to do is to go scouting for your books at an earlier timing to ensure that you get the books that you are looking for!
2. Reserve your books with the respective sellers, and try to negotiate the prices of your books!
3. Don't forget to compare the original prices of the books to the prices offered by the seller!


1. When selling your books, take into consideration the condition of your books! (Any highlighting, notes, torn pages, stains etc)
2. Prices should be reasonable, depending on the condition of the book! Note that if your books are too expensive, people won't buy them!)

And overall, good luck with the book buying, book fighting and book searching! First-come-first serve! All hands on decks!


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Day one of no-food day.

by fiefriday on 10 July 2013, 04:10 PM

So, almost a week of school is over for me and a couple of my other communications majors. Just one more day, and then it's the weekend!

Oh, and it's the first day of the month of Ramadan which means...


Not that I don't respect the religion and it's culture, but being in the canteen amongst all the smells of good goooood food, maaan, it's just 
too much to resist :( I really miss the Malay food now, and the ayam panggang at Ngee Ann Poly. (Which if you guys have yet to try, you totally should!)
Yes, in short, I miss food. 

And of course there is the issue of not being able to look at cuties walking pass. RESISTING THEIR OVERALL GOOD-LOOKING AURA.
But then again, perseverance is key. ;) 

I'm going out of point again. 

Tomorrow it's time again for the UB merchandise sale! The one time any UB student doesn't mind spending loads of money. 
Stuff like our varsity jackets, our tshirts with our majors on them and the school has got special surprises in store for those graduating this Friday!

Yup, and I'll be queueing with the rest of my course mates to get our long-awaited stuff! I guess it beats thinking of what to wear for school days. :D
It's like Hello Kitty all over again. :o 


Hopefully I'll get my hands on some good pictures, and they'll be up tomorrow! But till then, here's a photo of a couple of us making use
of the commencement board.

Photo: Happy graduation !! ☺ HAHAHA @finepixellations

Hey, three more years! But we can always dream right? ;)


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