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TP Freshies Tips

by Sebastian Hoe on 12 March 2013, 11:13 PM

Ah, the sweet mystery of Polytechnic life!

 It's the time of the year again, where Freshies roam around the mushroom and ask for directions  get ready for school!

TP7 Photo: TP
 Freshies (noun) ["Fresh-shees"]: the shorter and more affectionate way of saying “freshmen”, first-year students in a tertiary education institute. (Adapted from http://temasekpoly.sg/)

Mushroom (noun) ["mshrm, -rm"): the meeting place for Temasek Polytechnic students. a mushroom-shaped hangout. 

Such confusion are bound to happen. Coupled with doubts on what to wear, to do, to eat, and not to do, not to... (you get the drift)

Fret not, as your senior from B-school , I'm here to give you 3 important 'business' advice that will be applicable to any course at TP!

1) Choose the Jedi Route

6a00d83451f25369e20162fc289c39970d-800wi Photo: Pinterest

 To be a Jedi master, you have to possess studying, sleeping and partying abilities. You can visit Diploma in Jedi Philosophy for that. 
Whether you chose to be a zombie or a Jedi, it's important to know that studying is important but you should also strive for a happy lifestyle! And.. that can be done by making new friends and joining a CCA. Be positive, poly life is fun and enriching!

2. Meet your Care Person

Wolfdog-642-380 Photo: Youtube

Our school pride itself for the caring culture. Know who is your care person. He or she is the first person you should look for if you encounter any problems be it academic or personal. Besides, your care person, you can also seek advice from your lecturers. They are a bunch of people that could provide guidance to your learning pursuits. 

3) Just Be Yourself

sunny-balloons-be-yourself-blue-Favim.com-499374 Photo: Pinterest

3 years of  your teenage life will be spend here. It's time to let go of some of your deep worries. Once you embark on your first semester. Make it memorable, Laugh and Enjoy yourself. Just be yourself! I assure you that you will have a good time if you stop worrying and start engaging your soul in one of the most remarkable journey of your education life!

With that said, aren't you excited for school to begin? Well, I know I am! 
Stay cheerful and welcome to poly life! 

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Yes, you need a break to go out with nature.

by limkamin on 25 September 2012, 04:18 PM

Everybody needs a break.

What do you do when you desperately need a break?

Do you lie on your bed all day?
Do you read a book and indulge in the novel?
Do you watch television, chase Drama and Variety shows like no tomorrow?
Do you start to continue your exercise regime?
Do you start blogging about examinations?
Do you take out your musical instrument and practice after losing touch?

Or do you visit a park to indulge in the beauty of nature like I do every time I need a break?

If you do, here is a place I would recommend,
if you are seeking another place for solace, other than the Botanic Garden.

Fort Canning Park. :D

You can be indulging in the beauty of Fort Canning Park, getting amused over the pretty flowers, looking that the blue blue sky and green green grass, be shocked by the dogs running behind you and  of course, having time on your own on a beautiful morning.

How do you get to Fort Canning Park?

Canning Walk. :) Alight at Dhoby Ghaut Exit A.

Fort Canning Centre. :)

You can be amused by the heritage display at the Fort Canning Centre. I am sure I did.

Or you can have a piece of the beautiful clouds at Fort Canning Park. :D

It would be wonderful to sit down at the Pavilion and just have some time alone. :D

If you are lucky, you can get to see really cool cars at the car park! :D

Or maybe you would be chased by a dog! HAHAHA. :D

Or maybe you would feel the love of small families taking a stroll together on a beautiful morning :D

Maybe you are a nature enthusiast just like me and it makes you feel so happy to see pretty flowers glowing under the sun! :D

Or perhaps it thrills you just to breathe in fresh air standing in the middle of the garden. :D

Maybe, you do not even know the Registry of Marriage is located near Fort Canning Park?


Garden City. :D

On a side note, I have a favourite hideout at Fort Canning Park. It is really beautiful and you can have a seat after many hours of walking in the park. :D

Indulge in the beauty of nature. :D

Even the clouds and blue sky seems extraordinarily pretty.

This is a place beside the Registry of Marriage. The seats are new features, cause it was not there when I went there last year! :) This place looks like a good place to sit down, look at the sky, read a book and have some time alone thinking?

Or maybe you want to feel like you are standing on the top of  leveled ground?
Try going up this place and feel the wind blowing at you, straight at your face! :D

Also, couples love to take nature shots at Fort Canning Park too! :D You can give them your blessing if you happen to meet any! It makes you feel their love, just like I did when I met 2 couples there. :D

You can try to take jump shots if you visit the park with your friends! :D
If not, self timer is a good option to take pictures of your one - leg jump shot like I did. :D

Looks pretty cool huh? :D

Pause and look around. You will get to see a lot of pretty sculptures. :)

The nature has too much I could capture.
Go visit Fort Canning Park and indulge in the beauty yourself.
You will be mesmerised. :)

That's all from me.

I hope you feel the beauty of nature and do visit Fort Canning Park.
Have a break and visit a park. :)

What do you like to do when you need a break?


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by Simone Lim on 12 May 2012, 02:48 PM


We all know the 2nd Sunday of May is Mothers day, but what about the 1st sunday:D 
This year, the highlight of the FIRST SUNDAY OF MAY IS : APOLLO FACULTY OUTING. 
(Just a quick recap: there are 4 faculties in hwachong and every faculty holds 2 faculty outings in a year that targets the faculty to go and have some fun at a really cool location with games, food and all prepared!) 
This year, Apollo, god of the sun, booked the entire (YES ENTIRE) Glasshouse Fish and Co. and the turnout was better than expected of 450++! 
(credit huizhen)
(credit to huizhen) 
all done and ready for the people to come!

(photocredit to daphnelo)
the foood was really yummy! there were 5 dishes complete with dessert. For the price of $14/Apollo person, the food and games were definitely worth it! 

For games, there was 1) games to determine the APOLLO FAC PRINCE AND FAC PRINCESS 2) THE BRAVEST BULLBOY/BULLGIRL (yellow apollo= BULLS) and 3) BANANA KING 
for 1) The princessess of the pairs had to go to the 2nd floor and tie a marshmallow on a string. The blindfolded prince will be at the 1st floor waiting for their directions to guide them to eat the marshmallows. The first pair to finish 5 marshmallows wins! 

(photocredits to joy) 

Another segment was 'the compatibility test' , there were 3 options to about 10 questions and the participants were to stand back to back while the questions and options were being read out. The pairs are not allowed to communicate and write down their answers on a board. The pair that gets the most number of similar answer wins! 

There is a tank filled with mealworms and coin chips! Fishing out the coin chips would garner points! 

(photocredits to huizhen)
3) BANANA KING is a traditional APOLLO game because banana , like APOLLO, is the colour of YELLOW:D 
This time, the winner was one who ate 5 bananas in 1 min followed by the guy who ate 4 bananas! 
Man, I would think they would not want to eat bananas for the next one week!

Besides games, there were also performances.
(photocredit to chariskoh)

Ended with a performance from apollo faccomm, try to spot me below! 
It was a great ending to the night and I'l miss organizing such a fun-filled school event along with 16 other really fun, enthusiastic and supportive friends (: 

(photocredits to joy) 

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